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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best care for my child's teeth?

  • For the first six months, you should clean your baby's mouth with gauze after feedings and at bedtime.
  • Your pediatrician or pediatric dentist may also recommend fluoride supplements.
  • When the first tooth appears, you should begin brushing after each feeding and at bedtime with a small, soft-bristled brush and water.
  • Once most of the primary teeth have erupted and the child is able to rinse, you should use a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Weaning a child from the bottle or nursing is important by 12 to 18 months of age to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. 
  • You should avoid letting your child take a bottle or cup of anything other than water to bed at night or during naps.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

  • Pediatric dentists recommend that regular dental visits should begin by age one or at the appearance of the first tooth so any problems may be detected, treated, or even avoided.  Many children already have tooth decay by age one.
  • You should also visit your dentist if a primary tooth is lost too early in case a space maintainer is needed to ensure enough room exists for the permanent teeth to erupt.
  • Prompt treatment may be necessary after a fall or injury even if damage is not evident.

What will the first visit to the dentist be like?

  • At the first visit, the pediatric dentist will discuss a recommended schedule of exams and home care including brushing, flossing, and the importance of fluorides and diet.
  • He/she will also discuss gum diseases and how to avoid them or treat existing damage.
  • He/she may also discuss applying sealants to your child's back teeth. A sealant is a plastic material that is applied to the depressions and grooves on the surface of the tooth. The sealant forms a coating over the tooth to protect it from bacteria and bits of food and can dramatically reduce the risk of decay.

How often should my child visit the dentist?

  • Your pediatric dentist will discuss a schedule of exams based on your child's individual needs from the first visit through the teen years.

What are your office policies?

  • Qualifying emergencies may be seen after hours, but are assessed at a higher fee.
  • Please provide a 24 hour notice of cancellation or a broken appointment charge may apply.

Normal Eruption Schedule

Primary Teeth
Central Incisor   8-12 mo
6-7 yr
6-10 mo
6-7 yr
Lateral Incisor   9-13 mo
7-8 yr
10-16 mo
7-8 yr
Canine   16-22 mo
10-12 yr
17-23 mo
9-12 yr
1st Molar   13-19 mo
9-11 yr
14-18 mo
9-11 yr
2nd Molar   25-33 mo
10-12 yr
23-31 mo
10-12 yr

Primary Teeth
Erupt Erupt
Central Incisor   7-8 yr 6-7 yr
Lateral Incisor   8-12 yr 7-8 yr
Canine   11-12 yr 9-10 yr
1st Bicuspid   10-11 yr 10-12 yr
2nd Bicuspid   10-12 yr 11-12 yr
1st Molar   6-7 yr 6-7 yr
2nd Molar   12-13 yr 11-13 yr
3rd Molar   17-21 yr 17-21 yr